De Vodafone a O2

En 2012, contraté una línea de fibra en la tienda de Ono. La razón era probablemente el precio respecto a otras compañías grandes.

Como fue un evento de hace bastante tiempo, no puedo recordar el precio exacto, pero era alrededor de 40€ al mes con IVA incluida, con fibra de 30 Mbps no simétrica y fijo.

El técnico vino dos días después e instaló el router y la línea de teléfono. Estuve bastante contento con el servicio, y no hubo problema según me acuerdo.

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Firestore Pagination

Cloud Firestore, aka Firestore, is an NoSQL database released by Google on October 2017, currently it is on beta stage. It’s the successor of old Firebase database (Realtime Database), and in my opinion, the biggest change would be querying. Firestore allows you to do query based on multiple fields, which is very useful to handle data.

When I was carrying out my project Iridescent, I realized that I needed to paginate data. As the project grows up, I can’t load 100+ data all by once. Firestore has a daily limit for document reads and bandwidth, so I have to try to reduce the usage.

At the same time, a long waiting time is not part of good user experience, and loading all data by once might cause lag on low-performance devices.

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Update: this tool does not work anymore due to Disqus’ export format change (GDPR), which removed commenter’s IP address and Email.

I had been using Ghost on 2015 ~ 2017. It’s a good blogging-platform, but it doesn’t have a built-in comment system, so I had to use a third-party comment service, which is Disqus.

Disqus isn’t a bad platform, in fact, I think it’s a great solution for those who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time investigating how to avoid spams or maintaining. At the same time, it has some great features like “Real time comments” or voting.

Except the loading speed.

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万物基于 MIUI

我的第一台智能机是 Xperia X8,出厂系统是 Android 1.6 Donut,可以更新到 Android 2.1 Eclair。

配置放在当时不算高:168MB 的 RAM,骁龙 S1,可用的内部储存只有128MB。日常使用还不是特别卡,但能装的软件真的很少,以至于后来我被逼的搞了个 Link2SD 来拓展内部空间。(把应用移动到外部储存的功能在 2.2 才被加入)

在接触到 XDA 后就开始了我的刷机之旅。那时只要开启ADB调试就能Root,完全不需要解锁内核。ROM 从2.2出到了4.1,自定义内核也出了好几个。

也是在这个时候我认识了 MIUI。

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Hugo 获取文章特色图片

静态博客基本上都支持 Front Matter,用来添加标题、日期、标签等等信息,但也可以用来储存别的数据。同样的功能也能在 WordPress 和 Typecho 上找到。(自定义字段)

从Hugo内置的 Opengraph.html 模板中可以看出,官方想让我们使用的字段是 images ,用来添加多张特色图片。不过由于历史原因,我还是习惯使用 image 来添加单张图片。

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Hugo 本地搜索




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